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I count him braver who overcomes his desires than him who conquers his enemies; for the hardest victory is over self
~ Aristotle
Mission Statement
At New Path Addictions Counseling our mission is to help you build your own new vision of life as you see it and to assist you in taking the steps to make
your vision become reality.
We strive to work with you so that you may make the choices in your life that are right for you. We do not impose ourviews and only work within
your frame of reference.
At "New Path Addictions Counseling" you will not have to accept anything you do not believe in nor will you be made to do steps you are not prepared to do.
Having said that, this does not mean we do not challenge our clients to look at any issues in their life or any discrepencies in their lives.
Working at your pace, our goal is to help you to acheive your goals in life; whatever they maybe that brings you happiness.
We are not here to create your vision,
but to work with you to create your
own vision of life;  
So that you can step into it and live to the fullest...
Master Business Licence
Business Registration Number:  200926434
Expiry Date:  2015 -08 - 29
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